It's Super Simple!

Logo Animations, Sermon Titles Animations, Sermon Lower Thirds, Commercials, Conference Openers,
...we love rolling up our sleeves along side of you and making animation magic.
Just send us your design files and we will bring them to life.





You send us
design files

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop,
After Effects, Cinema 4D ... these are
all files we love to work with.
Be sure to check our
Our Recipe for Saving You Dough.



We Animate
Them to life

Your design files go for a little whirl
on our magic animation turn table and
Oh La La (that's French for "Oh my
gosh...that's so amazing!")



You pay
us money

You send a little cash our way
and we package it up and send
back your direction.

Download your files and enjoy!


It's just that easy.

In the end, you get to be the hero at your church for presenting such awesome stuff. 

By the way, If you need some help designing your stuff from scratch, we can help you with that too.



Watch the magic in progress

We love animation so much, we created a short little movie
to show you how the process works.

Click to watch.

The Ways We Can Serve You


We have found that the categories below are some of the more common animation services churches need. But we can help with other things as well. We are happy to dream with you. Just click on the images below to find additional information. 


Logo Animations

Logo Animations

Sermon Title Animations

Sermon Title Animations

Animated Sermon Lower Thirds

Animated Sermon Lower Thirds

Ministry & Event Commercials

Ministry & Event Commercials