pricingPageHeader.jpg's super simple!

We charge by the hour. $100 per hour. Simple as that.

So, for example, if we spend 2.25 hours on a project, our final charge is $225.

This model actually works very well. It helps avoid that really awkward "bidding dance" know...where you guess at how much we might charge you and we guess at how simple or complex your project might turn out to be.

Of course, we also understand that you are often required to present a price range to the folks you work with for budget purposes. No problem. In those cases, you can let us know that you have a budget of 3-5 hours (for example) to spend on a project and we will pack as much "wow" into your animation within those hours as we possibly can.

So by only charging the hours that we spend on your project, this gives us the opportunity to cut down the final price by encouraging you to be a part of the creative / production process. It's a win-win kind of deal.

Below we give you great tips to help you keep your hours as low as possible. Though it may not seem like the best business plan (telling our clients how to not spend a bunch of money), we love doing animation and helping churches take their presentations to the next level.After all...we know that the more money we save you on a project, the more excited you are to do that next one with us.

At the end of the day, we are all about awesome animations and great relationships.


Our Recipe for Saving You Dough!

We're truly all about working as quickly as possible to keep your hours low while giving you the best animation for your money. As you will see: the more preparation you do on your end, the more dough you keep for yourself.


Here is our recipe to keep your hours low.

2 Cups:  Great File Preparation

• 1 Cup: Animation Vision

• 1 Cup: Clear Communication

• 3 TBL: Font Inclusion

• 2 Cups: Audio Submission / Selection

• 1 Cup: Awesome Attitude


Great File Preparation. Receiving organized Adobe Illustrator,  Photoshop or After Effects files can really shave off billable hours on our end...this includes you deleting unused layers and naming layers clearly. Doing this can help us spend more time on the animation process than the organization side.

Animation Vision. We understand animation is what you are hiring us to do. And most often, we can look at the design you send us and have a great idea how to bring it to life. But we also know that you have a message you desire to communicate through your design. We would love to hear that...especially BEFORE we begin the animation process; this can help us hit your target the first time and keep your hours to a minimum. After all, we consider ourselves as part of YOUR team.

Clear Communication. When projects are a little more complex, we like to send samples along the way, just to make sure we are headed the right direction and to make sure we help keep your hours on track. 

Font Inclusion: Fonts are a crucial part of any design. The challenge is that if we don't have your fonts in our systems (and with millions of fonts out there, it's likely that we don't), there are several options. One great option is for you to "turn the font to a graphic" so it's no longer "live"; this will make sure your font appears exactly as you are expecting. The only challenge is if the need arises for us to write another word in the that case, we will need you to either send us the font or typeset the word(s) for us and send that to us as well.

Audio Submission / Selection: Audio can be a dynamic part of an animation. We love doing sound design. The one thing to consider is that finding a song and/or sound design (finding and layering sound effects) can take a fair amount of time as well (remember...we charge by the hour). So a couple of suggestions: 1. find and submit edited audio files (music / sound effects) along with your design files. If you are submitting finished audio files, receiving them at the beginning of the project is best as we synchronize the animation to audio queues for the best effect. We can recommend several websites to purchase music and sound effects if that is helpful.  2. If you like, you can round up potential audio files (saving you dough by doing the work on your end) and send them to us for us to edit together.  3. Let us create your audio masterpiece. We do recommend you giving us at least a direction that you are going for, then let us do our magic.

Awesome Attitude: Come to think of it...a cup of awesome attitude may be a little low, but it's a great start. We've worked with "excited" and we've worked with "cranky"...we definitely prefer "excited". 


Mmmmmmm!!! Pure animation goodness.