About Us


who we are

It's been said: "People do business with people they know." And since we are very relational folks by nature, we've added this page as a way of introducing ourselves. And more than that, we hope you will see the heart behind why we do business the way we do.

My name is Kevin and I have been drawing, painting, designing and animating as long as I can remember. My wife, Lisa is an incredible source of inspiration and keeps the company moving in the right direction.

For well over a decade, I've had the pleasure of serving on staff at a church called Gateway Church in Southlake, TX (also the home of artist Kari Jobe). It is a blessing to work with such talented people and to be able to contribute to the Communications department as a video editor and animator.

At Churches in Motion, we are also blessed to have access to a wealth of other great writers, designers, editors and animators who share our passion for creating high quality media. Together as a team, our heart is to serve churches and organizations alike.


"We cut our teeth on the back of the church pew." Ever hear that statement? Come to think of it, that sounds parentally neglectful and highly unsanitary, but you get the idea. We've been in church way longer our memory can recall (though there are adorable baby pix in the church nursery to prove it).

What's the point? Point being: our heritage of soaking in Biblical principles spans many years and now has great benefit to our clients who desire to convey a spiritual concept to their congregation using design and animation. In our business, it's not about being the cheapest and doing the flashiest animations; after all, you can always find cheaper sources and templates filled with sparkles and sheer glitz that look awesome on screen, yet have nothing to do with the heart and depth of the message you wish to convey.


There's a trend we are seeing more all the time: companies (including churches) are outsourcing such positions as design and animation more and more. And that totally makes sense. Even where I work full-time (Gateway Church), we have undergone a significant change in our staffing and moved more towards many positions being fulfilled on a contract basis...and understandably so with the costs of paying employee taxes, insurance and benefits, not to mention having to stay up with the latest equipment, software, etc.

But it doesn't mean you can't have access to great animations and editing. That is where Churches in Motion serves as a great resource.


Our sweet spot is creating the unique animations that have the most visibility within your church (e.g. sermon series identities, commercials for significant events, TV show assets, etc). We understand that we may not be the best fit for your smaller projects...and that's okay. We've worked with plenty of churches who have an on-staff designer tackling the constant lists of tasks from all the ministries they serve and are doing a great job. But on projects that require a little heavier lifting on animation and time doesn't permit them to do so, we are thrilled to slip right into position with the team and provide great support in the form of animation. We consider it our privilege to be your in-house animation team.