Animation Samples


Animation with Purpose

"Form Follows Function!" This is a quote a 9th grade art teacher drilled into our young heads. In essence: it doesn't matter how cool or sparkly something is...if it doesn't FIRST serve the purpose it was created for, it's really not effective.

That's the same approach we take with our animations. Of course we want it to look cool, but our first priority is to make sure it communicates your intended message (function) and then has a really cool and engaging look (form).

Logo animations

Church logos, ministry/department logos, logo animation for broadcast and TV commercials, logo animation for digital signage and kiosks...all usable for any kind of a video presentations or social media channels.

Back To Life Logo Animation

Animation Time: 4.75 Hours

Logo animation for a sermon series. Client supplied Adobe Illustrator file and we brought it to life in a 3D world.

Robinson Ministry Logo Animation

Animation Time: 2 Hours

Name logo animation for a TV show.

Churches in Motion Logo Design

Animation Time: 4.75 Hours

Animation of our own 3D logo. We already had the logo pieces as 3D elements, so that time represents the time to animate everything into the final state.

Sermon title animations

Whether a stand alone message or a 10-part series, our sermon title animations are a great way to transition the service into the message. These animations also work great when appended to the front of your online messages or DVD openers.

Creativity Sermon Series

Animation Time: 3.00 Hours

Our client sent us a Photoshop file with a few layers.

Xtra Mile Sermon Series

Animation Time: 2.75 Hours

Our client sent us a Photoshop file with a few layers. We replaced the stars layers from Photoshop and created a star field from TrapCode Particles.

10X Better Sermon Series

Animation Time: 2.25 Hours

Our client gave us Adobe Illustrator files...the logo on a solid background. we introduced the fanning motion of the background colors and the significance of 10X through the idea of the counting up of the numbers.

One Flesh Sermon Series

Animation Time: 2.75 Hours

The pastor was starting a new series about marriage and becoming one. The animation process started as a simple Adobe Illustrator files from the client (the ring logo with the symbols and the title text). We introduced the concept of the 2 separated icons spinning into one element and then introducing the title by letting it slip from behind.

Relat10nship Sermon Series ID Animation

3D Illustration / Animation / Sound Design Time: 13.5 Hours

God handed us the big 10, man did his best to make his way back to God and then Jesus made it all about relationship. This animation captures that story. All of the elements in the animation are 3D so they can interact in a tangible way.

Why Am I Here Sermon Series ID Animation

3D Illustration / Animation / Sound Design Time: 12.5 Hours

In the great journey of life, there are many opportunities that come across our path; but before moving forward, it's worth discovering the call God specifically has for us and the direction He wants us to go. This contemporary animation provided a nice setup for Pastor to walk up to the pulpit. All of the illustrations are original.

Sermon Lower Thirds

A good lower third animation is very important to the over-all package of a sermon series or TV show.

Sermon Series Scripture Lower Thirds

Animation Time: 1.75 Hours

Pastor Joseph asked that we accent the brand of his sermon series via a lower third animation.


Creating original commercials is one of our favorite things to do...whether promoting a special event, products or making people aware of ministries within your church. The hours reflected include the preparation time in working with the ministry, co-working with the ministry to come up with the concept and script, and helping the folks who need audio assistance with their project. Most of the samples below where created as a full-time employee of Gateway Church (Southlake, Texas).

myGateway Teaser

3D Modeling / Animation / Sound Design Time: 13 Hours

Gateway Church had created a new app and wanted to release it to the congregation via a fun teaser. This 3D animation helped "personalize technology" while creating a bit of mystery about the upcoming release of this app.

Bless A Life Campaign Commercial

Illustration / Animation / Sound Design Time: 22.25 Hours

Motivating church members to see beyond their own day-to-day existence and intentionally look for ways to bless others can be a challenge. But this commercial filled with original hand-drawn illustrations, fun animation and energetic sound design was a nice way to launch the whole campaign.

Serve Ministry Commercial

3D Modeling / Animation / Sound Design Time: 26.25 Hours

The Serve Ministry within the church came to us and asked for our help in letting congregants know the heart of their ministry. We brainstormed with them on the best story to communicate their message, then rolled up our sleeves and began modeling and animating this fun little 3D world, then topped it off with sound design and a voice over.

Through Her Eyes Sermon Series Commercial

3D Modeling / Animation / Sound Design Time: 23.75 Hours

Not going to lie...the original challenge of communicating the abstract concept of seeing things from a whole different perspective was a booger. But after some time, it all can together beautifully in a commercial where the mystery unfolds before the viewer's eyes. 

Christmas Show Disclaimer

3D Modeling / Animation / Sound Design Time: 35.5 Hours

Definitely a fun project. Who says Christmas show disclaimers (no flash photography, yada yada yada) have to be boring. The Olaf character was shot on green screen, then inserted into an original, modeled 3D world full of snow, explosions and possible jail time (just watch). 

Create Publishing Commercial

3D Modeling / Animation / Sound Design Time: 33 Hours

Inspiring folks to be jazzed about a publishing company can be a tall order. But that's not the case when the story is told with spinning gears and models of glass brains. This procedure spanned from original concept meetings with the ministry, through story board, modeling and animation, voice over and sound design.

We Keep Praying Product Commercial

3D Modeling / Animation / Sound Design Time: 16 Hours

The goal of this promo was to tell a quick story of the purpose of Pastor Robert's book. The project included the concept, modeling, animation and sound design.